Faith Family Fitness Fortune

I will not say what many say “This year will be my year.” but I will say Twenty Fifteen will be the year I put all my focus in my Faith, Family, Fitness & Fortune. Years past I’ve focused on plenty of wrong things, wrong people and made wrong choices. Here is a little bit of why I will focus on these four F words. My Faith has been tested every single day since October 8th, 2014 worst day of my life. Since that day I realized Family is all that matters, at times we can be too blinded by water when blood is always thicker. In those toughest situations in life is when you learn who is there for you and not for what they acquire from you. I plan on running in the Chicago 5K marathon for the cure of Multiple Myeloma in September of this year, which is the reason why Fitness is included. Last but not least I have always been a hard worker to where I have never liked asking others for help, money should never be the motivate. I believe there is more to Fortune than just money. I believe designer brands or expensive brands do not define a person and should never be used to categorized fortune. For money can’t buy class. A human being can dress from Wal-Mart and still have more class and heart than one rocking Gucci. Throughout my blogs you will learn who I am and why I think this way. XO


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