Newbie Alert…

Well hey there, I consider myself a newbie at blogging. I haven’t really gotten the hang of it yet. But yet again it’s only been one day I’ve had it, lol. Let me say though I’ve been reading blogs on this amazing app of WordPress and I love it! I feel it’s so sweet how blogging gives individuals the ability to give opinions outs, advice, to take time out of busy days and let others know we should all be united in one. By showing love through words sometimes is more than enough then having to go through material buys to show others we care about them.

Let me stop getting side tracked, I didn’t want my first blog to go directly in to my focuses. I wanted to go a little more to detail in to who I am. I’m a twenty four year living in the good old Panhandle of Oklahoma. I have a big heart, and I have always put the ones I love before me. Definitely doesn’t mean I love myself any less, I just love giving to others. I used to have a mind set of having money, riches, cars, luxuries would be an ultimate goal. Then reality hit me… God gave me the test of my life, no not engagement, marriage, pregnancy or death of a loved one.

My hero was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma.

I will not get in to detail about that yet, but just know for now ever since that day my life gave a 360 turn. My mindset became bigger than it was, more realistic. God, my Lord Almighty had everything to do with it. I feel now I was definitely going on the wrong path. And he showed me there will always be more to life than just brands, trips, bank accounts and everything else that makes Kanye West happy.
As I sit here typing away I don’t want to get too carried away, so I’m making this short. At the end of every blog I will add a quote of inspiration, motivation and dedication. I hope I don’t bore you to death, I feel this is a way of getting out what’s in my heart, soul and mind without having to bug people in my phone or in my life like I tend to do, so until next time.

XO Dolls.



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